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kostas dekavalas

Kostas Dekavalas

Since 27-12-2015, Kostas, this master organ maker, gives life to the wood and makes his beloved violins up in heaven, in the neighborhood of angels. When gentleness, artistry and mastery nod from high above, it’s an incentive for us to become better in whatever we do…


Victor Dekavalas

Even though he started watching since his early childhood his father’s work, he decided at the age of 22 to become a professional organ maker, after getting a degree in Petroleum Chemistry. Among his duties is to coordinate and organize the job, and thus he’s obliged to be frequently absent from his bench at the workshop.


Nikos Sakalis

Now, the oldest member of the workshop. He became an apprentice in 1972, grew up with “master”-Kostas, withstood the pressure and had the patience required for this job…